SEAT 850 COUPE' LADA NIVA 1600 4x4 Steering Wheel Hub Boss LUISI "MADE in ITALY"

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Brand new Luisi steering wheel hubs/boss used to attach any kind of steering wheel.

PCD 74mm. & 70mm.

Brand new cast metal of very high quality.

 Hub comes complete with screws and allan key for a quick and easy fit of your new steering wheel!


- Lada 2101 - 2102 - 2103 -2104 -2105 - 2106 - 2107

- Lada 2121

- Lada NIVA 1600 4x4

- Lada Vaz Sedan

- SEAT 850 Coupe'


Part of extremely high quality and finish. Purchase with confidence.

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