10 Quirky and Fun Facts About the Classic Fiat 500

The classic Fiat 500, produced from 1957 to 1973, is a tiny car with a big personality. With its nimble handling, stylish design, and fun-to-drive nature, it's no wonder that the Fiat 500 remains a popular classic car today. But did you know that this little car has a rich history and some interesting quirks that make it truly unique? Here are 10 quirky and fun facts about the classic Fiat 500:

  1. It was originally produced as a "people's car." The original Fiat 500 was designed to be an affordable car for the masses. It was designed to be cheap to produce and cheap to run, making it accessible to a wider range of people.

  2. It was popular with the Italian Royal Family. The classic Fiat 500 was a favorite of the Italian Royal Family, who used it for short trips around Rome.

  3. It was available in over 20 different colors. The classic Fiat 500 was available in over 20 different colors, giving buyers a wide range of options to choose from. Some of the most popular colors included light blue, light green, and red.

  4. It's a classic Hollywood star. The classic Fiat 500 has been featured in several Hollywood films, including the original "The Italian Job" (1969) and "Vacanze di Natale" (1983).

  5. It was produced for over 18 years. The classic Fiat 500 was in production for an impressive 18 years, from 1957 to 1975, making it one of the longest-running models in automotive history.  During its 18 years of production, over 4 million classic Fiat 500s were produced, making it one of the most popular and successful city cars of all time.

  6. It was used as a taxi in some cities. In some cities in Italy, the classic Fiat 500 was used as a taxi, due to its small size and nimble handling. It was a popular choice for navigating the narrow streets and tight turns of Italian cities.

  7. It has a surprising top speed. The classic Fiat 500 has a top speed of around 75 miles per hour, making it surprisingly quick for such a small car with a tiny two cylinder engine.

  8. It's a popular race car. The classic Fiat 500 was often used in amateur racing events with preppers such as Karl Abarth and Giannini creating their own tuned versions. It remains a popular choice for vintage racing today.

  9. It's a green car. The classic Fiat 500 was designed to be environmentally friendly, with a small engine that was efficient and produced low emissions. The 40 MPG average is equivalent to that of the 2008-2014 production!

  10. It was named after the Cinquecento. The name "Fiat 500" was inspired by the Italian word "Cinquecento," which means "five hundred." This refers to the original engine size of 500cc, which was the maximum allowed by Italian law to be classified as a "small car" and avoid high taxes.

So there you have it, 10 quirky and fun facts about the classic Fiat 500. Whether you're a classic car enthusiast or just a fan of Italian design, this little car is sure to put a smile on your face. So why not go out and find one today and experience the fun of driving a classic Fiat 500 for yourself!