2x Classic Fiat 500 Fiat 126 Sport Rear Shock Absorbers Suspension Made in Italy

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BRAND NEW Classic Fiat 500 F/L/R & Fiat 126  SPORT Rear SHOCK ABSORBERS RED Made in Italy (High quality set)

Designed for the cars listed below, these rear sport shock absorber provide your classics of the sport performance to drive well in track to the road as the ones supplied from sport specialists in the 60's 70's.
The set comes with a kit of bushes (see photos).
Red powder coated in order to resist bad weather, aside from looking great and clean from underneath, this set of 2 red sport shock absorbers may also fit other vehicles, however please do check the measurements before purchasing.


Fiat 500 (N D F L R)
Fiat 126 (not Bis)

High quality parts. Purchase with confidence of durability and pleasure of fitting.

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