Classic Fiat Dino Fiat 124 Spider Heater Pipes Flange on Fire wall Made in Italy

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Heater Pipes Rubber Flange on Fire wall For Fiat Dino and Classic Fiat 124 Spider.

This part fits all Fiat Dino and all models of Classic Fiat 124:

AS 1400 Bj. 66-69 Carburetor, BS 1600 Bj. 70-73 Carburetor, CS-1 1800 Bj. 74-78 Carburetor, CS-2 2000 Bj. 79-80 Carburetor, CS-0 2000 Bj. 80-82 Carburetor, DS 2000 Bj. 83-85 Injection, DS/VX 2000 Bj. 84-85 Compressor.

The part fits with no fiddling, excellent item made in Italy. Purchase with confidence.

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